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We are making sciences simple, accessible and relevant to everyone.

The Tensai Ecosystem is a network of science learning resources freely accessible to everyone but, at the same time, custom-built for the needs of students, teachers, funders, policy makers and the rest of the public.

We believe that a fundamental knowledge of science is essential for everyone and that providing access to science knowledge resources is the first step in breaking the barriers to learning. Ofcourse, a deeper understanding of sciences is essential for science students and teachers.

We are keen to ensure that the fundamental scientific knowledge is translated into real-life practices and creates a positive impact/change in our physical and virtual society.

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Our Values, Our DNA

Plain and Simple

Our learning resources are expressed in a simplified way making them accessible to students at all levels.


Learning resources can be accessed on multiple platforms at student's convenience.

Empowering creativity

Customized and interactive learning content to ensure knowledge is used to impact positive change among all users.

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